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06 Oct

Stomping Grounds…

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A big shout out to all at WWE. Thank you so much for the invitation last Saturday night. Please accept the following tribute…

Spread the news
The boys are back in town
Gonna get rite back to my stomping grounds.
Ring the bell
Wanna hear that sound
Gotta get rite back to my stomping grounds.

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09 Sep

The Yacht Club is All New Again…

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What happens at this point? Who nose dives under? The guys on this end have to hang on the the boat and suddenly they’re 60 feet up in the air hanging on and dangling. They’re moving so fast and jockeying for position at the same time.

Sailing is a whole new world. I saw the Oracle AC72 for America’s Cup, almost overnight they just left behind the traditional yacht club approach. The boats are so different, they’re twice as fast in three years. WHAT? It was the fastest boat in the history of the event! There are people that are saying “pay attention because these boats can’t last.” They cost too much to make and there are fatalities and crashes. Spectacular crashes… Their wingsail is 223 ft tall– the tallest one ever built.
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